DIF Hackathon Pre-Registration Now Open!

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DIF Hackathon Pre-Registration Now Open!

We are proud to announce our first Decentralized Identity Foundation Hackathon with $19,000 in prizes! We’re excited to welcome new and existing members of the DID community to this event and we can’t wait to see the amazing projects from our participants.

The hackathon will feature a main DIF prize pool for use cases that utilize DIF work items such as Decentralized Web Nodes, DIDComm, Presentation Exchange, DID Lint, BBS Signature Scheme and the Universal Resolver.

We are looking for use cases that drive adoption and stimulate activity within DIF’s working groups. As some existing companies began their journey from hackathons and soon received funding to bring their solutions to market, we encourage teams to think in this direction as well.

To register head over to https://difhackathon.devpost.com/. Here you can review rules, challenges, prize pools, and resources. You can also join our hackathon community on Discord.

Official hacking begins on October 26th and we have a series of sessions set up than you can join:

Hackathon Opening Session Thursday Oct 26th at 9am PT

An introduction to decentralized identity with Brian Richter of Aviary Tech Friday Oct 27th at 9am PT

DIDs, DID Resolution and the Universal Registrar with Markus Sabadello Wednesday Nov 1st at 9am PT

An Introduction to the Veramo Javascript Framework with Mircea Nistor Thursday Nov 2nd at 9am PT

An Intro to the Trinsic SDK and the BBS Signature Scheme with Tomislav Markovski Thursday November 2nd at 10am PT

TBD on the Web5 SDK and Decentralized Web Nodes with Adewale Abati Wednesday November 8th at 10am PT

An Introduction to DIDComm and the Veramo DIDComm Package with Nick Reynolds Thursday November 9th at 9am

We look forward to seeing you around Discord and at our events. Happy hacking!


Limari Navarrete

DIF’s Senior Director of Community Engagement