DIF attends conference on Next Generation Authentication

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DIF attends conference on Next Generation Authentication

DIF was prominently represented at 2023 Next Generation Authentication Research Society Workshop in Yongsan, Seoul earlier this month.

Members of the recently-formed Korea SIG were among those present at the event hosted by the Korea Institute of Information Security and Cryptology (KIISC) on 14 September. Steering Committee member Markus Sabadello also attended in person, while our Executive Director Clare Nelson attended virtually and gave a well-received presentation about DIF.

The conference reflected growing interest in Decentralized Identity in Korea, with Decentralized Identifiers, Verifiable Credentials, eIDAS, Digital Wallets, Selective Disclosure and Multi-Sig Credentials among the topics presented and discussed.

Collaboration with DIF was also a discussion point, with DIF seen as an organization that facilitates international collaboration.

Participants in the Korea SIG are working on a diverse range of Decentralized Identity use cases and projects. The SIG will also be represented at Identity Week Asia in Singapore in November, and has also established a website,  difkoreasig.org