DIF welcomes JC Ebersbach as co-chair of the Identifiers & Discovery WG

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DIF welcomes JC Ebersbach as co-chair of the Identifiers & Discovery WG

DIF is delighted to have Jan Christoph (JC) Ebersbach join us as an Identifiers and Discovery Working Group co-chair, and as a new member of DIF Technical Steering Committee.

"JC is one of the rare individuals who combine strong technical expertise and creativity with community leadership abilities. Within a relatively short period of time, he has attracted a lot of interest in his work, which is already being adopted, such as Linked VPs and DID Traits. I'm excited that he has agreed to join as I&D WG co-chair, and I look forward to the collaboration!" said existing WG chair, Markus Sabadello.

"I've been following DIF's work since 2019. However, I didn't actively participate in the work items. With last year's first did:hack hackathon, my interest spiked due to the discovery of initial ideas that culminated in the Linked Verifiable Presentations specification, and its recent ratification as a DIF Deliverable", JC said.

"The collaboration and support I received from the working group, and from Markus in particular, inspired me to take on the role of co-chair.

"The Identifiers & Discovery WG is an invaluable resource for working with and building DIDs. I feel honored to serve as co-chair and I'm looking forward to advancing Decentralized Identifiers with our working group," he added.

“JC has shown tremendous leadership in the decentralized identity community, including through his work on Linked Verifiable Presentations, a recently ratified DIF specification, and DID Traits. We are delighted and honored he has accepted the role of Identifiers and Discovery WG co-chair, as well as a position on the DIF Technical Steering Committee. DIF will greatly benefit from his leadership,” commented DIF's Executive Director, Kim Hamilton Duffy.