DIF Monthly #27

Our latest round of updates from DIF in 2022: Elections, new staff, developments at our Working Groups, news from our members, upcoming events & more!

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Table of contents

  1. Foundation News; 2. Group Updates; 3. Member Updates; 4. Digital Identity Community; .5. Funding; 6. Events; 8. Jobs; 9. Metrics; 10. Get involved! Join DIF

🚀 Foundation News

DIF Steering Committee Election voting is open 3rd-10th June!

  • DIF Associate Members can vote in the SC election from Friday 3rd June!
  • Voting runs for 1 week, closing 10th June 23:59 GMT.
  • Associate members should already have their ballot in their inbox!
  • 12 nominees; 6 seats. Further details on candidates & how to vote on our blog here
  • email nominations@identity.foundation with any issues or questions.

Welcome Limari Navarette, DIF's new Community Manager!

  • We are delighted to welcome Limari to the DIF Org team!
  • Keep an eye out for her on DIF calls and around the community, and join us on our weekly comms calls for a chance to chat!

DIF Comms

  • We are relaunching the DIF weekly Comms calls.
  • These open calls are a space to gather feedback from the community and optimize our comms strategy.
  • Held every Wednesday in alternating timeslots, there's definitely one that fits your timezone! Check our DIF calendar here
  • Join us this Wednesday, 8th June at 0900 GMT to review takeaways from IIW34 and the European Identity and Cloud conference (EIC)

DIF All-Hands

  • Don't forget to join us on our monthly all-hands meeting, where we review updates from the community and connect with our membership
  • Next is Wednesday 22nd June at 8am PT / 11am ET / 5pm CET
  • Check our DIF calendar here for meeting details

🛠️ Group Updates

☂️ InterOp WG (cross-community)

  • Join us June 8th 14:00 PT - Andrew Hughes joins to continue a conversation begun at IIW around the ISO Mobile Driving License (mDL) standard.
    • a "wish list" for the next generation of mDL-associated specifications - how they might be more compatible/aligned with the work at DIF and elsewhere.
  • Discussions around an SSI Roadmap and routes to adoption
  • June 1 - Validated ID presented what it means to be EBSI conformant and how this is aiding interoperability.

💡 Identifiers & Discovery

23 May 2022

  • Short discussion about EU Digital Identity Wallet, EBSI/ESSIF, eIDAS 2.0, VCs, ISO mDL, etc.
  • Christoph Fabianek of MyData presented on Displaying / rendering the content of a DID document. Recording of session here
    • Presentation of Semantic Overlay Architecture (SOyA), work done together with IDunion
    • Definition of a data model using a .yml file, then transformation to different representations
    • Demo of command line tool, and automatically rendered UI
    • Discussion about JSON-LD, RDF, content-addressing
    • Use of overlays, SHACL
    • Discussion about DID document data model, and how it could be modeled/transformed with Semantic Overlay Architecture (SOyA)

🛡️ Claims & Credentials

📻 DID Comm

  • Vote on Status Change of Spec passed by WG (PR 355)
  • Welcome to the stage, DIDComm V2 Spec!
  • Discussion on adding a 'Max Length' constraint without modifying message header and Instead by using the Discover Features Protocol to enable agents to query for and disclose the maximum message length that they are willing to accept.
  • DIDComm User Group is meeting over on DIF Discord!
    • (bi-weekly, next meets Wednesday 15th June) - Join here
    • working on the DIDComm Guidebook

🌱 Wallet Security WG

📦 Secure Data Storage

🌱 Applied Crypto WG

✈️ Hospitality & Travel

🏦 Finance & Banking

  • Paul Dunphy steps down as co-chair: the group would like to thank him for his contributions and hard work.
  • Lennart Lopin (CTO ByteFederal) is joining the group as new co-chair
  • Discussion around introduction of ECASH Act in the US, compliance costs and know your customer (KYC) regulations.

🌏 APAC/ASEAN Open Call

  • Our APAC/ASEAN Community Call is now a colloaborative initative between DIF and ToIP, launched Thursday 26th May 2022, kicking off with an IIW34 recap. (Meeting Recording)
  • We invite to you to attend the next meeting June 23 at 9am CET / 3pm SGT. See DIF Calendar here for details
  • All are welcome to join us monthly for presentations, networking and knowledge-sharing.

🌍 Africa Open Call

🦄 Member Updates




  • IdRamp CEO Mike Vesey appeared on the State of Identity Podcast to discuss Zero Trust & Decentralized Identity. Give it a listen here




Validated ID

  • Validated ID review the History of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) in an article that is available in English, French, German and Spanish

🌎 Digital Identity Community

💰 Funding

  • European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) grant application deadline extended to August 17th 2022 - more info and how to apply here

  • The NGI initiative, launched by the European Commission aims to bridge EU-US research on Next Generation Internet (NGI), has three open calls to allocate funding and consulting support:

🎈 Events & Promotions

  • Open Source Summit North America

    • June 21-24, Austin, Texas
    • In under two weeks, the Linux Foundation brings the open-source community together to collaborate and share.
  • Open Source Summit Europe

    • Sept 13-16, Dublin, Ireland
    • Join open source developers, technologists, and community leaders to collaborate, share information, solve problems, and gain knowledge, furthering open source innovation and ensuring a sustainable open source ecosystem at the Open Source Summit Europe, organized by the Linux Foundation.
  • Hyperledger Global Forum

    • Sept 13-16, Dublin, Ireland
    • The global Hyperledger community meets in Dublin to align, plan and hack together.
  • Decentralized Web Camp

    • Aug 24-28 2022, Northern California
    • "a five-day retreat for builders and dreamers, to gather in nature to tackle the real world challenges facing the web and to co-create the decentralized technologies of the future"
  • Internet Identity Workshop IIWXXXV

    • IIW35 has announced their dates - November 15-17th 2022
    • In-person unconference at the Computer History Museum, California

  • Digital Trust Hui Taumata Summit

    • 27th July 2022, Wellington, New Zealand
    • Early bird registration ends 21st June
    • "public and private stakeholders to come together and share their insights on building a thriving and resilient trust economy"
  • Identiverse

    • June 21-24, Denver, Colorado
    • Covering a wide range of topics important to the identity security community.

💼 Jobs

Members of the Decentralized Identity Foundation are looking for:

Check out the available positions here.

🔢 Metrics

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