Collaborating on next-generation standards

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Collaborating on next-generation standards

DIF is proud to announce that it has entered into a liaison agreement with the OpenID Foundation (OIDF). This provides a mechanism for both parties to work together on areas of mutual interest, allowing working groups to align and coordinate through dual-members. The first major collaboration, which has already been underway for weeks, is a process for revising the Self-Issued OpenID Connect (SIOP) chapter of the OpenID Connect (OIDC) specification. This revision takes place in the AB/Connect working group of OIDC, which focuses at any given time on extending the core OIDC specification.

Given the foundational nature of this collaboration (and the potential for breaking changes or mental-model shifts in the next major version), the work on DIF’s Self-Issued OpenID Connect Provider DID Profile working draft, referred to colloquially as “did-siop,” has been paused. It is expected to resume, still housed as a work item in DIF’s DID Authentication Working Group, after the work on the new SIOP specification in AB/C is finalized. Other collaborations on OIDF work items are also expected.

DIF members from the group are actively contributing to the new version of SIOP specification through OIDF’s structure and channels. If you are interested in advancing or contributing to this work substantially, you are very welcome to join the calls, details of which you can find here. If you are not a member of OIDF, you may contact the chairs of the DID Auth working group, or the DIF’s Liaison Officer to OIDF, which are listed at the bottom of the working group’s webpage.

NOTE: The latest version of the “did-siop” specification has not been approved by the DIF steering committee; it is currently paused at v0.1 and remains an unofficial Working Group Draft at time of press.

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