Full steam ahead for the Veramo User Group

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Full steam ahead for the Veramo User Group

The Veramo User Group has kicked into action with a well-attended and productive first meeting. 

The meeting on 15th February provided context for the origins of the popular Javascript framework and its subsequent donation to DIF, and surfaced a range of questions, ideas, use cases and feedback from current and prospective users, plus success stories including an Enterprise solution built on top of Veramo, now in full production. 

After an initial round of introductions, the Veramo Labs team provided an overview of the project’s history and current status, and the goals of the User Group. 

Ideas shared by participants included a registry of plugins that is actively maintained by the community, additional development languages and a 12-month roadmap of planned new features. 

“The team’s goal has been from the beginning to grow the project by growing the community,” Veramo co-founder and group co-chair Mircea Nistor commented during the meeting. 

“Prior to donating Veramo to DIF, we had previously donated other libraries, and we saw more adoption and contributions happening on these libraries. We’d love to see the same kinds of activities happening within the Veramo User Group,” he added.

“To make this into a community project, it needs the original team to be no longer exclusively in charge. The Veramo framework and plugins already contain enough functionality to get people started in this space. We hope to see many new GitHub issues coming from the User Group, and for those with bandwidth to take them on” said Senior Engineer at Consensys Identity and group co-chair Nick Reynolds.

The plan is to start reviewing GitHub issues and Pull Requests (PRs) at next week’s meeting, which is at 09:00 PST / Noon EST / 18:00 CET on Thursday, 22 February. The User Group is open to all, the meeting link can be found in the DIF calendar.

In the meantime, interested parties are welcome to join the community on Discord. The new Veramo User Group channel on DIF’s Discord server is recommended for meeting follow-ups and agenda items, and the Veramo Labs Discord server is the place to head for specific technical questions.

The Veramo Labs team is hoping for the community to participate in leading the User Group within the next six months.