Veramo User Group

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Veramo User Group

DIF is thrilled to announce the donation of the Veramo project and the formation of the Veramo User Group.

Veramo is a broadly-used SDK that is a popular choice for SSI implementation, providing core functionality such as

  • Decentralized Identifier (DID) and Verifiable Credential (VC) management
  • cryptographic key management
  • secure peer-to-peer communications through DIDComm

Veramo is a powerful toolkit and base layer that provides the scaffolding to build applications leveraging decentralized identity. Its flexible plugin model and extensible and accessible APIs make it easy to integrate into, and update your stack as the technology evolves, helping you keep up with new protocols, standards and implementations.

“The donation of the Veramo codebase, as well as the formation of the User Group, are significant milestones for Veramo and for DIF. This generous donation will allow the DIF community to contribute to the future of Veramo and provide valued governance” said DIF’s Executive Director, Kim Hamilton Duffy.

Housing Veramo within DIF allows the project to harness unparalleled expertise in decentralized identity, promoting collaboration and driving innovation, while enabling Veramo to solidify its role as a productivity accelerator and reference to ensure interoperability. 

“By providing the DIF’s platform and contributions of the leading decentralized identity experts, while remaining open to all, regardless of DIF membership, Veramo’s new home at DIF will ensure it continues to evolve into the leading decentralized identity toolkit, enabling builders of future identity solutions to move faster,” Kim added. 

"We were proud to donate Veramo to DIF and reaffirm our commitment to public goods development in this space. Now, with the formation of the User Group, we're excited to work even more closely with the DIF community and ensure we can all build a framework that meets everyone's needs" said Head of Identity at Consensys Mesh R&D, Nick Reynolds.

How you can get involved

  1. Join the Veramo User Group. The first meeting takes place at 15.00 CET on Thursday 15th January. Meetings will take place weekly, alternating between Noon EST / 18.00 CET and 09.00 EST / 15.00 CET.  Click here for more details
  2. Use the code
  3. Contribute to the code

More details on #3:

If you are looking to become more active in decentralized identity, or open source generally, Veramo is a great way to get started and join this vibrant community. We are looking for help requiring a wide range of expertise:

  • Build and/or integrate support for additional standards and protocols, such as Presentation Exchange, SD-JWT, and Aries. In some cases, the implementations exist and just need to be integrated into the Veramo framework.
  • Support for new cryptographic key types
  • Process/build improvements: helping with formatting and linting commit hooks, developing a test harness for improved test automation

Finally, consider joining DIF. The Decentralized Identity Foundation opens the door to shaping the future of identity standards and SDKs, offering unmatched opportunities to influence and drive the evolution of digital identity at a global scale. Membership not only places you at the forefront of cutting-edge developments but also embeds you within a community of innovators and thought leaders dedicated to redefining the landscape of digital identity. Find out more here.